Antique Gold Finish

Medallions are an antique gold finish with split ring attachment. When medallion is separated each half is a tear drop shape. The reverse side of each medallion is perfect for engraving.


Attaches to Leash

St. Christopher Patron Saint of Travelers attaches to pet’s leash.

Attaches to Collar

St. Francis of Assisi Patron Saint of Animals attaches to pet’s collar.


Perfect for Large to Small and Everything in Between

The Your Silent Guardian pet medallions were carefully designed to be an ideal size and weight for both small dogs and large dogs. The pet medallions are the perfect size to display the full detail of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Christopher on the front while allowing for sufficient space for engraving on the back.


We’re Giving Back to the Community – Find Out How!

Every day we actively seek organizations, schools, community programs, churches and charities to work with. As part of our program you will earn nearly $10 for every affiliated medallion set sold. It’s that easy! You may use our program as a fundraiser, as a holiday program, or as a perk for your organization. To learn more or to join our program, contact us today!

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